If you are planning to Move to Spain in 2022/2023 or have already made the big move one of the first things you will require is a NIE Number.

When obtaining a NIE Number you have three different options…..

1.) If you are well read in Spanish and have an understanding of the Spanish Booking system it is possible to book your own Cita Previa (appointment) at the police station, and complete your own paperwork. Please be aware you will need a Spanish telephone number to book ther cita your self.

We do not recommend this unless you are totally confidant in this area as the smallest of mistakes can result in your NIE Number application being rejected and a much longer wait.

2.) The second option If you would to take the stress out of getting your NIE Number is to use a company/Agency to book your NIE Number appointment and complete all your paperwork for you.

There are various companies online which can do this for you.

The most competitively priced company is MY NIE www.mynie.co.uk who for a small fee of just £29.99 plus IVA will complete the whole process for you.

To order this service complete the booking form on the company website (which is in English) they will do the rest. Click here to read reviews on MY NIE or click here to read latest MYNIE REVIEWS

**This company also offer a FREE advice line on residency and NIE Numbers, you can find the number on there website.

Why use MYNIE to get your NIE Number in Spain.

The mynie website is easy and simple to use. You need to visit the main website www.mynie.co.uk and click on the red book now button on the home page. This will take you to the MYNIE booking form. you need to complete this form with all the information needed to book your NIE number appointment and paperwork. once your booked in at the police station the MYNIE number staff will let you know.

3.) Your third option is to Visit the Spanish Embassy in your own country before traveling to Spain. This option however has its own drawbacks with the number being old valid for a period of 3 months, unlike the number you obtain in Spain which is valid for life. You will also need an appointment at the embassy and the process can be tiresome.

What is a NIE Number? Why do I need one?

Your NIE number is used as a code to identify people who don’t have Spanish Nationality. It is essential for virtually every activity that requires your official identification in Spain.

Many people first arriving in Spain are not aware of the full importance of the NIE number. For example, your very first steps after moving to Spain, like opening a bank account and getting internet/phone contracts and renting/buying property will require a NIE Number.

NIE number is short for ‘Numero de Identificacion de Extranero‘, and is a Foreigner Identification Number issued by the Administracion General del Estado (Spanish Police) and is a fiscal identification number for foreigners who want to stay more than 3 months in Spain, or in order to be able to process certain transaction in Spain like buying/renting a property.

The equivalent of NIE for Spanish citizens is the NIF (Numero de Identificacion Fiscal) As a non Spanish citizen if you are asked for your NIF number you are being asked for your NIE.

Your NIE number is very different from the Empadronamiento or Padron Municipal which is about getting registered in your living community.

Your NIE number will start with a letter, followed by seven numbers and another letter in the end (for example A– 7584736 – X). Each NIE number is personal to one person and it is not transferable to another person or does it expire.

What might I need a NIE Number for?

o Local: census; certificates of occupancy of the home; property tax; vehicle tax; capital gains; works licences, business opening licences, etc.
o Buying or selling a home in Spain.
o Buying a vehicle in Spain.
o Apply for a Driving licence in Spain.
o Signing a mortgage loan agreement in Spain.
o Property register and Notaries Public Offices.
o Obtaining a social security number in Spain.
o Applying for services from the INEM (Spanish employment institute).
o Exportation of unemployment benefits from a Member State of the European Economic Space.
o Opening an account in a bank in Spain.
o Setting up a business, enterprise, or becoming self employed.
o Settling state and regional taxes: Income tax for non-resident
o Schools for minors, academic studies or university studies.
o Approval and certification of titles and studies.
o Justice: civil register, free legal assistance, etc.
o Obtain Health Care: health care card.
o Apply for grants and subsidies for studies.
o Connect to Electricity and water supply.

How to get NIE number –

A step by step free guide by www.nienumbers.es

Step 1: Make an Cita Previa appointment online

Booking a NIE Number appointment in Spain

**Only book your own appointment if you are 100% confidant with the Spanish Booking system. Mistakes made can block you out the system and result in you not being able to obtain a number for a period of time.

To Obtain a NIE Number you need an appointment at the police station. You have to make an appointment (known as a Cita Previa) online first before attending in person; The police will not issue a NIE Number without an appointment being booked in advance. To do that, click on this link and choose “Acceder al Procedimiento” at the bottom.

  • In PROVINCIAS DISPONIBLES choose the province of Spain your In.
  • In TRÁMITES DISPONIBLES PARA LA PROVINCIA SELECCIONADA choose CPN Asinacion de NIE or Cert Eu if you are applying for residency as well
  • Click Aceptar (accept)
  • Click Entrar (enter)
  • Fill in your information:
    • Choose PASAPORTE and enter your passport number below
    • Nombre y apellidos = name and surname
    • País de nacionalidad = your nationality
    • In Caracteres enter what you see on the picture above
    • Click Acepta (accept)
    • choose your date and time
    • add your email address, you will get a confirmation email sent to you with the time and date, print this off and take it with you.
How to get a NIE Number in Spain

Step 2: Fill in form 790

Click here to download form 790. Print all 4 pages and pay the necessary fee of 9.64 at the bank. Take your passport with you in case they as for extra ID.

This form can now only be filled in online and printed out to take to the bank. It is no longer given out at police stations nor immigration offices and cannot be filled in by hand.

The form is very quick to complete and can be filled in by clicking here. You complete it then press the blue button at the end to get a copy you can print out and sign.

Guidance notes: As the form is in Spanish, below  is some advice in English for guidance only.  

Your forms must be completed in Spanish, the police will not accept forms in any other language.

Step 3: Fill in the application form

NIE Number application form

The Spanish NIE number application form you need to find is called EX – 15 Solicitud de Numero de Identidad de Extranjero NIE y Cert .

The form will obviously be in Spanish. Translated versions will not be accepted by the police.


1er Apellido =Surname
2º Apellido  = (second Surname) Write three chiffons instead (—)
Nombre = Christian Name (make sure to use same as in passport)
Fecha de Nacimiento = Date of birth (use two digits for day and month)
Lugar de Nacimiento = Place of birth
Sexo  = Gender “H” for Male (Hombre) and “M” Female (Mujer) . X cross the one applicable
Estado Civil = Status. S for single C for married. V for widow and D for divorced
País de Nacimiento = Country of Birth
País de nacionalidad = Current Nationality
Nombre del padre = Father´s name
Nombre de la madre = Mother´s name
Domicilio en España = Address in Spain (if you have one, otherwise leave blank) – Localidad: Town, CP: Postcode, Provincia: Province

Step 4: Prepare all the necessary documents, EX-15, FORM 790, EX-18 (checklist)

  • Don’t forget to take your Passport and copy of all pages
  • Address in Spain (this can be a friends address, Hotel, or Solicitors)
  • Completed EX-15 formula
  • 2 recent Passport photos
  • copy of form 790 proving you have paid the fee
  • Document proving why you need a Spanish NIE number, which differs depending on your intentions. In most cases it is:
    • a contract showing that you’re going to buy a property in Spain like real estate, car, etc. or
    • employed:  job contract from the Spanish company or
    • self-employed: a company ownership certificate or
    • persons with sufficient funds: proof that you can live in Spain without working or
    • students: acceptance letter from the school or
    • job seekers: you can go only with passport, but you will be issued a temporary NIE number valid only for 3 months.
  • non-EU citizens will need the additional proof of legal entry into Spain (for instance a landing card, known in Spanish as a declaración de entrada)

Step 5: Take your passport and your NIE Number paperwork to the Police station

You can apply for NIE number at police stations with a Oficina de Extranjeros (Foreigners Office). You must have an appointment,

#Useful tips:  Get there early, even with the appointment system, as they will only allow so many NIE applications in one day. It is possible you will have to wait in the queue for hours until your turn at the office, so bring something that can keep you occupied for example a book or a magazine.

Need expert advice about Spanish residency or NIE Numbers? Visit the My NIE website today www.mynie.co.uk

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