How to get a NIE-Number Appointment in Barcelona 2024

If you have recently moved to Barcelona or are thinking of moving to this area of Spain in the future the very first thing you will need is a Spanish NIE number.

Your NIE Number, is the equivalent of a Spanish persons Número de Identificación Fiscal also known as a NIF. It is a Spanish foreigners/tax identification number given by the Goverment/Police to foreigners wanting to carry out activities in Spain.

Your Spanish NIE  Number will start with a letter, followed by seven numbers and another letter in the end (example : A4657342-Z).

Each NIE Number is unique to one person and it is non-transferable and does it not expire (NIE Numbers issued prior to April 2017 may have had a expiry date in some area’s).

The stand alone white NIE number is issued on an A4 white certificate or the Joint residency plus NIE-Number is issued on a green card.

There are many reasons you will need a NIE-Number in Spain. The list below shows the most common reasons a NIE-Number will be required for

Open a Spanish Resident Bank Account
-Buy, sell or insure a property
-Arrange credit terms or a Mortgage
-Pay Taxes in Spain
-Be paid for employment
-Use short-term employment agencies
-To study/attend University
-Apply for a business permit to start a business
-Register with social security and arrange receipt of social security benefits
-Apply for a driver’s licence/Transfer to a Spanish Licence
-Pay utility bills
-Inherit assets

Getting a NIE-Number appointment in Barcelona is not as easy as it might sound….Appointments are difficult to get as so many thousand of people are trying to apply at the same time.

You have 3 main ways to obtain a NIE-Number appointment in Barcelona

  1. Employ the services of a NIE-Number company to book your NIE appointment at the police station and provide the paperwork. This is probably the simplest way to get your NIE-Number appointment in Barcelona fast.

There are many companies in Spain which can do this for you but the most reasonably priced service with excellent customer reviews is who for just 29.99 can book your appointment for you and provide all the paperwork. other companies can charge unto 1500 euros so be careful who you use.

Although this is a website and was predominantly designed for UK passport holders the company has now expanded and all nationalities can now use the services, both EU and non EU.

2. Book your own appointment using our FREE guide. If you can speak good Spanish and have a good understanding of the Spanish police booking system you can book your own appointment and complete your own paperwork. Click here to read our free guide to booking your own NIE-Number appointment.

3. Obtain your NIE-Number appointment at the Spanish embassy in your own country before you arrive.

There are 8 main NIE-Number offices in Barcelona. These are

Comisaria Rubi NIE-Number office



Paseo Sant Joan, 189-193, 08037, Barcelona.

CALLE MURCIA NIE-Number office

Murcia Street, 42, 08027, Barcelona.

Comisaria Igualada, Prat de la Riba NIE-Number office


Rambla Guipúzcoa NIE-Number office


For a list of every NIE Number office in Spain click here

No, you must have a pre booked appointment. Known in Spain as a Cita Previa. These can only the obtained via the police official online website booking system. You can book your own appointment but you will need to have a registered Spanish telephone number for this or you can pay a company or agent to book this for you.

You will need to take the correct NIE-Number application form. Either EX15 or EX18.

You will also need to take paid NIE-Number tax form 790

Two passport sized photos

Proof of job contract or pre-job offer


Spanish private health insurance plus proof of funds of 7k euros

Or, if your a student

Proof of education plus a copy of your EHIC card

On arrival at your NIE-Number appointment in Barcelona the police will check you have an appointment and compare the information from your online booking confirmation. Then you will be taken into the waiting area.

In some offices they supply you with a call number. In other offices they will call you by name up to the desk to see an officer. As it’s a police officer you will be seeing for your appointment they will be in uniform.

At this point you must hand in all your documents. Form, 790, form EX15 or EX18, your passport photos and proof of why you want a NIE-Number.

The policeman/woman will then check your documents and decide if you meet the criteria for being issued a NIE-Number in Barcelona. If you do meet the criteria they will issue the white A4 NIE certificate or the Green NIE-NUMBER Card.

If you do not meet the criteria the police will ask you to go back with further documentation. Normally you don’t need an appointment to return but check this with the police officer on the day of your NIE-Number appointment.

If you have lost your NIE-Number card or certificate in Barcelona you will need to report this lost/stolen as soon as possible and obtain a police report saying so. Then you will need a new appointment, new paperwork and new tax forms to be able to obtain a new copy.

The Barcelona region put the NIE-Number appointments online at set times for each office. The appointments can go very quickly. This is the advantage of using one of the NIE-Number companies such as MYNIE as they know which times the appointments are coming online and can easily secure you an appointment.

This would be very difficult as you would need to be on the police online booking portal 24/7 to be able to secure an appointment in one set location. Its likely your appointment could be anywhere in the Barcelona province.

Once you have obtained your NIE-Number in Barcelona you can then use this in anywhere on Mainland Spain plus any of her islands.

Your NIE-Number is for life. But residency cards must be renewed after 5 years, then the second time after 10 years. You will need a new appointment in Barcelona do do this.

No, your NIE-Number certificate or card is only for you. Your children must have there own application and there own residency card no matter what the age of the child is.

The Spanish police take missing these types of appointment very seriously. You must either attend the appointment or cancel the appointment you have booked on the Police NIE-Number booking system.

Due to terrorism laws in Spain some police stations can not be listed on Google Maps. Normally they are listed a few doors away.

Yes, anyone wanting to stay in Spain for a period of over 90 days will require a NIE-Number/Green residency card.

Anyone wanting to buy property in the barcelona region will need a NIE-Number appointment to be able to obtain a NIE-Number to pay the property purchase tax in Barcelona.

In Barcelona everyone is required to take two passport sized photos to there NIE-Number appointment. The photos must be 30mm x 40mm. The face must be full frontal and hair can not cover the eyes

Additional information for passport photos

Example of a passport sized photo for obtaining a NIE in barcelona
  • Size: 40mm x 30mm
  • Color: Must be color
  • Head size and position: Aligned in the middle, entire face should show
  • Background: White
  • Smile: Neutral
  • Eyes: Open
  • Glasses: No sunglasses, daily wearing glasses yes

Yes, once you have your NIE-Number or Green card in barcelona you should laminate it so it does not get destroyed. Its also possible to take photo copies and laminate these also.

Under Spanish law you do not need to update your NIE-Number/Green card each time you move house. However, you can do so if you want your Green card to reflect your new address in another province.

You must do your NIE-Number appointment at an office in your own province. If you do not live in Barcelona you can not do your NIE-Number appointment there.

The police officers at the police station will be used to dealing with non Spanish speaking expats. It is you’re choice if you take a translator with you but generally speaking it it not required in Barcelona.

You should do your NIE-Number appointment in the province you live in not the province where you work.

Your Barcelona NIE-Number green residency card is printed onto card. Currently it’s not possible to get a plastic card. Although you are asked to take two passport photos with you they will not appear on your card.

You can pay your form 790 tax anywhere in Spain as long as your Barcelona address is on form 790.

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