The below are commonly asked questions and answers relating to NIE-Numbers in Spain. To apply for your NIE-Number today visit our homepage

Q. How long will my NIE Number last? Does my NIE-NUMBER expire?

A. NIE Numbers issued before 2017 used to expire if they were not used for a long period in the Spanish tax system. Since 2017 your NIE-Number remains with you for life, although some certificates might state 3 months for official use.

Q. How long does it take to get a NIE Number in Spain?

A. This depends on which area of Spain you are in. For example some areas of the Alicante region you can get your NIE Number in 24hrs. In Malaga sometimes the wait can be 8 weeks, or Barcelona can be unto 12 weeks. Madrid is Currently 2-3 weeks.

Q. Do I have to be in Spain to get a NIE Number?

A. Yes, you will need to attend a NIE Number appointment at the police station in Spain and show your passport.

Q. Do children need a NIE Number in Spain?

A. Children are generally issued their NIE Number when they apply for residency in Spain. However, in some circumstances the police may issue a white non resident nie number to a child. For example, for inheritance reasons. Please be aware children applying for a NIE will need a translated birth certificate into Spanish. This must be a professional translation. We recommend

Q. I already have a NIE Number but I have lost the certificate. Is there anyway of getting a copy.?

A. If you have lost your nie number certificate and need a replacement you will need to follow the same procedure as applying for a new one. You will need a booking at the police station, the correct forms and tax payment and additional documents like passport photos. Once at the station inform the police you already have a number and they will search the data base for you.

If your number is still active they will issue a replacement certificate but its its expired they will issue a new number and new certificate.

Q. I am thinking of Applying for the new digital Normad visa. Will I need a nie number for this?

A. yes, if you’re planning on applying for the digital Normad visa you will need a NIE Number before you start the process. Click here to read more about digital Normad visas in Spain. or visit the Digital Normad Visa Spain Facebook page

Q. What is the difference between the white NIE and the Green one.

A. There is only one type of NIE certificate and number and this is issued on a A4 sheet of paper. This is your NIE Number.

The green card is a residency card which has your nie number on it. the Green card has different criteria for obtaining than the white nie basic certificate.

For residency/Green card/CERT EU you will need.

A tenancy agreement over 6 months or a Padron certificate from the town-hall *ideally both

plus, either

A full-time job contract paying tax and social security in Spain


Spanish private health insurance in place paid one year upfront plus proof of funds of 7k euros.

The Spanish health insurance needs to be a certain type which is equivalent to the Spanish national health service. it must be fully compressive and paid one year upfront with no co-payments. The type sold by the banks is not suitable for residency. The company we recommend is ASSSA and your local rep is Anna Perez. Her contact number is 608042176 email This company sell the correct policy for residency.

The proof of funds certificate ideally needs to be a stamped proof of balance certificate.

If you meet this criteria you can go ahead using the link below

Q. Do I need an appointment to get a NIE Number in Spain?

A. Yes, you will need a pre booking appointment/Cita Previa at the police station in Spain to be able to apply for a NIE Number. You can either book this appointment your self using the instructions on our home page or use of the the companies we recommend on our home page also.

Q. Can I choose a time for my NIE number appointment?

A. In some areas you can choose a time for your appointment but in other areas you are allocated a time by the police booking system. Please be aware some appointments can be as easy as 9am.

Q. Can I get my NIE number online?

A. It is not possible to get your NIE number totally online. You can get your NIE Number appointment and paperwork online but you still need to attend the police station appointment to show your ID.

Q. What is a NIE Number

A. A NIE Number is a number issued to any foreigner in Spain to identify them for tax reasons. A NIE number is needed for each foreigner whiting to do any type of business in Spain over 1,200 euros.

Q. Do Spanish people need a NIE number?

A. NIE Numbers are solely for Foreigners in Spain. If you hold a Spanish passport you will not have a NIE number but will have a DNI Number.

Q. How much does a NIE Number cost?

Each company offering NIE numbers charge different amounts. The MYNIE website offers their service at 29.99 plus VAT but some lawyers can charge unto 1200 euros or more. Please be aware on top of any payment you make to any companies you will also pay a police tax of 9.87.

Q. What are the benefits of obtaining a nie number in Spain?

A. There are many benefits of obtaining a NIE number in Spain. You will need a NIE number to buy or rent property, work in Spain, connect to essential services like water, electricity and internet. You will also need a NIE number to inherit property in Spain or get married.

Q. What is a non resident NIE?

A. When people refer to the non-resident NIE they are referring to the white A4 NIE certificate which are issued in police stations in comparison to the residency document which is also known as the resident NIE.

Q. Can I get a NIE Number at the Spanish consulate in my country?

A. If you need a NIE number for an emergency reason you can apply at the Spanish consulate in your country. Click here for a full list of Spanish consulates in the world.

Please be aware that NIE Numbers issued at the consulate will only be valid for 3 months and they will strictly only be issued for emergency reasons. Buying a property or starting a job will not be seen as an emergency reason and will result in your application being refused on the day.

Q. A relative has died and I have been left inheritance. Do I need a NIE number to claim the inheritance?

A. Yes, you will need a NIE Number to be able to pay the tax so you can claim any inheritance you have been left. You will need the NIE number before any inheritance can be paid our or property is transferred.

Q. I have a NIE Number but I don’t know it. Can I find it online?

A. If you already have a NIE number but have lost it you will need to apply again to the police as if you were applying for a new number. On the day of your appointment tell the police you already have a number and they will search the data base for your number and supply a new certificate.

Q. Do EU Citizens need a NIE Number?

A. Yes, every non Spanish person wanting to conduct any type of business in Spain will need to obtain a NIE number. This applies to EU and non EU passport holders.

Q. What does a NIE Number certificate look like?

Please see below for an example of what your NIE Number certificate should look like.

Example of a NIE number certificate
What a NIE Number certificate looks like.

Q. Do. Spanish people need a NIE Number?

A. No, as a Spanish person you are not a foreigner and as such do not need a foreigner identification number.

Q. I have a white A4 NIE Certificate. How can I get the NIE number card?

A. The NIE Number is a white A4 sheet of paper. The card people refer to as the NIE-Card is the residency card showing your NIE Number on it.

Q. My relative has died. I need to find their NIE number. Is there anyway I can find it online?

A. If your relative has died and you are unable to find the NIE number it will be very difficult to obtain a copy from the police. You could try looking in there property deeds, or on bank statements, electricity bills, water bills or other official documents.

Q. Do I need a NIE Number to buy a house in Spain?

A. Yes, if your planning on buying property in Spain you will need a NIE number to be able to pay the applicable tax.

Q. Can you please list the reasons I might need a NIE Number?

A. You will need a NIE Number for the following reasons

Open a Spanish Resident Bank Account
-Buy, sell or insure a property
-Arrange credit terms or a Mortgage
-Pay Taxes in Spain
-Be paid for employment or become self employed
-Use short-term employment agencies
-To study/attend University
-Apply for a business permit to start a business
-Register with social security and arrange receipt of social security benefits
-Apply for a driver’s licence/Transfer to a Spanish Licence
-Pay utility bills such as water, electricity and internet
-Inherit assets, property or money

Q. Can a friend or relative attend my appointment instead of me with a POA?

A. Yes, if you sign Power of Attorney, also known as POA your friend oir relative can attend your appointment on your behalf. You will need to have the POA notarized in your own country plus a notarized and signed copy of your passport. The person attending your appointment on your behalf must have a valid passport as well.

Q. Can i open a bank account in Spain without a NIE Number?

A. You can open a non resident account in Spain without a NIE Number but the charges for this type of bank account are generally very high. Once you get your NIE number you can apply for one of the free bank accounts in spain offered by banks like Sabadell and BBVA.

Q. What documents do i need to get a NIE number in Spain?

A. This depends on which area your having your appointment in. In all areas you will need form ex15 and form 790. You will need a photo copy of your passport also. In some areas you require proof of why you want a NIE. In other areas you only need a verbal reason. Its best to ask your NIE number company, or whoever is booking yuor appointment for you which documents are required.

Q. How long can i spend in Spain if i have a NIE number?

A. The amount of time you can spend in Spain is not linked to your NIE number. Your immigration status is linked to your residency. Non-Eu passport holders can generally stay for 90 days in any 180 day period. Click here to use the Schengen calculator. Eu passport holders can stay as long as they like but should apply for residency after 3 months.

Q. Do I need passport photos for may NIE number appointment?

A. Yes, you will need to take 2 passport sized colour photos to your NIE number appointment. They may or may not be used but everyone needs to take them.

Q. How long will the appointment at the police station take?

A. Once you are seen by the police the appointment should only take 2-3 minutes. There is no interview as such your simply handing in paperwork and showing your passport and ID.

Q. How do I activate my NIE Number?

A. Your NIE number is active from the moment you have it issued, and it can be used straight away. But, you might need to register your NIE number with the social security or tax authorities for certain procedures.

Q. Can I have my NIE Number application form. in English?

A. No, you must use the form in its original Spanish language and complete the form in Spanish. The police will not accept forms which are not in Spainish .

Q. We are a married couple and want to buy a property. Do we both need a NIE Number? And if so do we need separate appointments?

A. If you are buying a property in both names then certainly you will both need a NIE Number. There is no joint appointment for married couples so each of you will need your own NIE Number appointment and paperwork.

Q. If I change my passport number do I have to update my NIE Number?

A. No, your NIE number is with you for life based on your name and Date of birth. Your passport numbers will change with each new passport but your NIE Number will always stay the same.

Q. Can I use my identity card to get a NIE number if I don’t have a passport.

A. If you are an EU passport holder you can use your official id to apply for a NIE number instead of a passport. If you are an non-EU passport holder you must has a valid passport to apply for your nie.

Q. Do I need a Spanish address to get a NIE number in Spain?

A. No, you do not need a fixed address, you can use a friends address or even a hotel. As long as the address on your forms is in the catchment area of the police station your attending.

Q. Do I need a Spanish address to get a NIE number in Spain?

A. No, you do not need a fixed address, you can use a friends address or even a hotel. As long as the address on your forms is in the catchment area of the police station your attending.

Q. Do I need to stay in Spain while I am waiting for my NIE-Number appointment?

A. No, you do not to remain in Spain while you’re waiting for your NIE-Number appointment. You can leave the country and come back for the appointment.

Q. Do I need a NIE-Number to work in Spain?

A. Yes and NO…. You need a NIE Number to be able to pay tax and social security in Spain but in theory you can start a job without a NIE-Number as long as you have one by the time your first pay packet is ready.

Q. What is the cost of a NIE-Number in Spain?

A. The NIE-Number certificate its self is charged at 9.87. You pay this at the bank using a tax form and show the police on the day you have paid. If you are using a service to obtain your NIE-Number you can pay anything from 29.99 to 1500 euros.

Q. How can I get my NIE-Number fast??

A. The fastest way to get a NIE-Number is to use an online service like who in some cases can help you get a NIE-number in less than 24hrs.

Q. Can I book two NIE-Number appointments using one passport number?

A. The police online booking system for NIE-Numbers has recently been tightened up and it now only allows for one booking per passport number. If you want to change the date of your appointment you will need to cancel your current pending appointment to be able to book a new one.

Q. How do I find my NIE-Number?

A. If you’re trying to find your NIE-Number you will find it on your residence card or white A4 NIE-Number certificate. If you have lost your NIE number you will need to apply for a new copy.

Q. How long does the NIE Number process take??

A. Your NIE-Number is normally issued on the day of your appointment. Occasionally they may have you to return the next day to collect your certificate.

Q. Do EU Citizens need a NIE-Number?

A. Yes, Both EU and non EU passport holders who wish to carry out any official procedures in Spain will need a NIE number.

Q. What is EES and do I need to register to get a NIE-Number?

A. The EU are introducing the entry-Exit system known as the EES in October 2024. If you are non EU and and traveling into the EU to get your NIE number. You need to register on the Official EES website a minimum of 24hrs before traveling.

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