Over the years many Myths have emerged about NIE-Numbers and how to get one.

Below we debunk Myths around obtaining a NIE-Number.

MYTH. This is categorical a NIE number myth. Since 2019 everyone must have a pre booked appointment at the police station or foreigners office to get a NIE-Number. Its no longer possible to arrive at the police station without an appointment.

MYTH. It is a good idea to make several copies of your certificate and laminate the original and keep it in a safe place. It is a myth that you can not laminate your certificate.

MYTH. Prior to 2017 NIE-Number certificates would expire after 3 months but your number be valid for life. This is no longer the case and your NIE-Number will never expire. It is now your number for life.

MYTH. Your NIE-Number can only be issued in Spain. It is not possible to get a NIE-Number by visiting a UK police station.

MYTH. When you apply at the police station or foreigners office for your NIE Number you will need to pay the NIE Number tax. You will need to complete form 790 to be able to pay the tax. Your NIE NUMBER TAX Can also be paid on a ATM cash machine.

MYTH. In theory you can buy the property in Spain without a NIE number, however, you will need a NIE-Number to pay the applicable property purchase tax in in Spain within 30 days.

MYTH. To register a car in Spain you will certainly need a NIE-Number. So this is a Myth. You don’t however need a NIE-Number to hire a car in Spain. Click here to read about buying a car in Spain

MYTH. Although freedom of movement allows you to stay in any EU country for 90 days it does not mean you do not need to meet the countries rules. All persons staying in Spain over 90 days must obtain a NIE-Number.

MYTH. You should get a NIE number as soon as possible but, Under EU law you can start working with just your passport if you hold an EU passport or residence card.

MYTH. Once your have your NIE-Number certificate or card its best to protect it in a plastic wallet. Alternatively what a lot of people do is laminate the certificate and this stops it being damaged by water or stains.

MYTH. Once your have your NIE-Number certificate or card you do not have to update your information each time you get a new passport. this is done automatically by the Spanish government.

MYTH. Since 2017 all NIE-Numbers issued are permanent and with you for life. NIE-Numbers issued before 2017 might have an expired date on the certificate. In which case you would need to apply for a new number but its likely you will be re-issued the same number.

MYTH. This is a myth. once you have your NIE-Number you do not have to renew the number every 3 months.

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